" My goal is to inspire those who see my work to look more deeply at the world around and inside them, to discover beauty in everything that they see. Subject matter in my artworks is usually nature, whether it is a wild animal, sea world, or beauty of the human body, often connected with the beauty of something divine and higher than us. Living with beautiful objects that pay tribute to the natural world helps us reconnect with nature.
I am trying to present my ideas clearly and simply, but at the same time with lots of fine realistic and surrealistic details.
Even though I’ve been working a lot on canvas lately, glass has always been my favorite medium. I adore glass for its delicacy and strength. It is brittle and smooth and, at the same time, so hard and cold.
Searching for the light is the most exciting thing that I have found during the process of glass engraving. Catching the perfect light, that is the main trick, and that trick I have transferred on my canvases. No matter what the subject is, everything is about light. Only with the presence of lite, everything becomes live. And for me, that is a life philosophy - always searching for the lite. "  -  Ivana Rashlich
Ivana Rashlich Zivkovic was born in 1982 in Ruma, (Serbia, EU), and currently resides and produces her artistic work in Miami, USA. She studied at the College of graphic engineering and design. She is well versed in various artistic techniques, such as glass engraving, airbrushing, drawing, sculpture art, and painting. Her artwork was featured in many European exhibitions and publications, where she won numerous rewards and acclamations for outstanding achievement. Along with her unrivaled proficiency in stipple
engraving, Ivana has tutored many artists and is an associate fellow(AFGE) of "The Guild of Glass Engravers." based in the UK. 
Her artistic spirit and hands-on approach have led her to get familiarized and skillful with sandblasting techniques, graphic design, photography, gold leaf gilding, and, considering similarities to glass engraving, even ventured into the world of tattoo art.
Beside glass engraving, lately, mostly working with acrylic on canvas combined with mixed media.  

Important solo exhibitions
- "MY WAY", Sirmium Palatium Imperiale, Sremska Mitrovica, ( RS ), 2016.
 - "CHIAVE ESSENZIALE " , Rovereto, ( IT ), 2012.
many GROUP exhibitions, including :
- "CREATION IN ISOLATION - WHY HOPE AND BEAUTY MATTER", international, online, 2020.
- "ARTBOX PROJECT MIAMI 2.0", Miami, (USA), 2019.
and gge exhibitions:
-"21ST CENTURY ENGRAVED GLASS", Red House Glass Cone, Stourbridge, ( UK ), 2017.
- "21ST CENTURY ENGRAVED GLASS", Red House Glass Cone, Stourbridge, ( UK ), 2015.

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