Ivana Zivkovic Rashlich - artist

Ivana Zivkovic Rashlich was born on 17.06.1982. in Ruma, (Serbia), now based in Miami, (Florida). She was
studied at Colege of graphic engineering and design. Through life, she passed through various stages of
artistic expression, from drawing and painting, through the art on the body-body piercing, finally to glass
art-glass engraving, which has become a fundamental aspect of her artistic expression. In her work, in
addition to the engravings on the glass as part of the fundamentals, you can see a combination of different
techniques applied to the hand-made frames, thematically closely related to the theme of the engravings
on the glass. A combination of these techniques and materials and a combination of "hot and cold" makes
her work authentic, unique and unusual. The most commonly used technique in her work is stipple
engraving, but she also uses a drill and sandblasting techniques, depending on what type of glass she is
working on and what effect she wants to achieve.
Ivana is AFGE of The Guild of Glass Engravers.
Beside glass engraving, Ivana is involved in various painting, sculpting and graphic techniques, airbrushing, gold leaf 
gilding, and in the tattoo art as well. Lately, she is mostly working with acrylic on canvas, combining several
Important solo exhibitions :
- "MY WAY", Sirmium Palatium Imperiale, Sremska Mitrovica, ( RS ), 2016.
 - "CHIAVE ESSENZIALE " , Rovereto, ( IT ), 2012.
many group exhibitions, including :
- "creation in isolation - why hope and beauty matter", international, online, 2020.
- "ARTBOX PROJECT MIAMI 2.0", Miami, (USA), 2019.
- "L'arte internationale dell' incisione su vetro", Murano, Venice, ( IT ), 2018.
and gge exhibitions:
-"21ST CENTURY ENGRAVED GLASS", Red House Glass Cone, Stourbridge, ( UK ), 2017.
- "21ST CENTURY ENGRAVED GLASS", Red House Glass Cone, Stourbridge, ( UK ), 2015.


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